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I am leaving. I shall not forget Via Toledo, nor any other of the parts of Naples; to my eyes this city has no equal and is the most beautiful city in the universe.

Stendhal, Rome Naples et Florence (1817)

The Decumani Hotel de Charme is housed in Palazzo Riario Sforza, a gorgeous noble building of XVIII century, which was the official residence of cardinal Sisto Riario Sforza, who served as the Archbishop of Naples from 1845 until his death. In 2008 we opened the Decumani Hotel de Charme with the ambition to create a small hotel that captured the best of Naples giving our guests an intimate atmosphere full of charm and comfort. Our purpose has not diminished over the intervening years, this winter we spent time renovating our rooms to go one step further in making your stay a memorable experience.


The Decumani Hotel de Charme occupies a spectacular apartment with 39 bedrooms. While every room is unique, featuring individual collections of antique furniture and curious finds, all share the unmistakable Decumani's blend of comfort and charm.


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