Via Miano, 2 - Tel. 081.7499111 Sito web: - The building of Reggia di Capodimonte goes back to the reign of Carlo di Borbone to host the Farnese’s... [read more]
Via Settembrini, 79 - Tel. 081.292833 - Sito web: The Museum of Contemporary Art Donna Regina (M.A.D.R.E) was named after the building that hosts it, that is the Palace Donnaregina ,... [read more]
Piazza Museo, 19 - Tel. 081.4422149 - Sito web: It is the most ancient and important archaeological museum in Europe; it can boast the richest and valuable heritage of archaeological... [read more]
Via dei Mille, 60 - Tel 081.7958605/6 - Sito web:   It is the first public place meant to be a permanent centre for contemporary art. Pan hosts cultural expressions of every form... [read more]
Via della Riviera di Chiaia, 200 - Tel. 081.7612356; 081.4107066 - Sito web:   The neoclassical mansion and the large estate, known as Villa Pignatelli, now Diego... [read more]
Via Pozzuoli, 5 - Tel. 081.6173749 - Sito web: -   Annexed to the Naval Institute, it displays items to show the marine technics evolution. It divides... [read more]
Via Moiariello, 16 - Tel. 081.5575111 - Sito web:   The Museum divides into three wings: The wing of the instrument of the Bamberg’s passages, the wing of Repsold’s... [read more]
Via Costantinopoli, 107 - Tel. 081.441900 Sito web:   The gallery of Accademia delle Belle Arti was located in the present area, the former convent of San Giovanni delle Monache,... [read more]
Via Foria, 223 - Tel. 081.449759; 081.455654 Sito web: The paleobotanic section display fossil finds that, with the help of a three-dimensional philogenetic tree, attest the evolution... [read more]
Anthropology: Via Mezzocannone, 8 Tel. 081.2535201 Mineralogy: Via Mezzocannone, 8 Tel. 081.2535163 Zoology: Via Mezzocannone, 8 Tel. 081.2535164 The 50.000 finds of the Museum of Paleontology date back... [read more]
  Via Duomo, 149 - Tel. 081.294980 Siti web: -   Carlo I D’Angiò started the building that was carried on during Carlo II’s reign till Roberto d’Angiò finished... [read more]
Piazzale San Martino, 5 - Tel. 081.5586408; 848.800288 Sito web: - The Neapolitan Charterhouse, dedicated to St. Martin bishop of Tours, was founded... [read more]
  Via Cimarosa, 77 - Tel. 081.5788418 - 081.2292110 Sito web: -   Neoclassical mension of Ferdinando IV Bourbon’s second wife , Lucia Migliaccio duchess... [read more]
Via Castello, 45 - Tel. 081.5233797 Sito web: The Museum is set in the Aragonese Castle of Baia and is divided into three sections. The first, the Room of the plaster... [read more]
Via Coroglio, 104 - Tel. 081.2420024 Sito web:   The first Italian science centre. Divided into different sections, it aims at leading to the discovery of everyday phenomena, from... [read more]
Carcere Alto di Castel Sant’Elmo - Via Tito Angelini - Tel. 848 800288   Novecento in Naples unwinds through a chronological path divided into sections: From the documentation of the so called Secessionism... [read more]
Santa Maria Donnaregina Nuova - Largo Donnaregina - Tel 081.5571365 -   The Diocesan Museum in Naples is located in the splendid church of Donnaregina Nuova, rich of frescos,... [read more]
Via Santa Chiara, 49/c - Tel. 081.5521597 - Sito web:   The basilica and the monastery of Santa Chiara were built between 1310 and 1340 on a Roman thermal complex of the first century... [read more]
  Castel dell’Ovo, Borgo Marinari - Tel. 081.7645343   The museum, founded in 1971, is hosted in some of the rooms of Castel dell’Ovo. You can find carved stones and bone, ceramics, earthenware and metal... [read more]


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