Museo del Novecento Napoli

Carcere Alto di Castel Sant’Elmo - Via Tito Angelini - Tel. 848 800288


Novecento in Naples unwinds through a chronological path divided into sections: From the documentation of the so called Secessionism of the twenty-three (1909) or the First Futurism in Naples (1910 - 1914) to the movement of Circumvisionists and the second Futurism (Twenties - Thirties); from the several documents on the production between the two wars to the experiences following the second post-war period (1948 - 1958), from Gruppo Sud’ to the so called Neorealism, from the group of M.A.C. to the one of Informale or the ’58. Then the sections for the Seventies especially referred, and not only, to the Poetic-visual Experimentations and to the activities of groups working in the social field. In the last section you will find the activities of the people who, still working after 1980 and experimenting different forms of language, were already known before the terrible earthquake of Nov. 23, 1980 hit and profoundly marked the reality and the expectations of both Naples and the Southern areas.



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Means of transport: Funicolare Centrale, Funicolare
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